Summer reading
Posted on Aug 4 - 2020
Some books that may interest you

Many times we consider books for the summer that kind of books light enough, simple, or that allows you not to focus on many details and details.

In reality, for me, these readings are simply ordinary books; they are readings for the summer for the simple reason that we are in the summer and we have more time to spend on ourselves.
I will not go on to show the plot of the books, but I would like to give a brief overview of why they can be a good starting point to read them.

Here are the books I recommend:






Tim Cook — The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level

Leander Kahney

Not all biographies deserve to be read. Some of these bring you into a whirlwind of total boredom.
But this is not the case. Inheriting a company like Apple after the death of Steve Jobs must not have been easy at all and Kahneyhighlights the whole career that Tim has had to face.

Each story always has a beginning and what has been told shows the path of a man who played not in the spotlight but behind the scenes, in a world full of prejudices and difficulties.

Every company, at least once in a lifetime, has expressed the mere belief in making the world a better place. Once the book is finished, we realize how much this small value is very important to Tim, of the enormous changes he has made and will continue to make.

No posters, no praise, a simple man.



Essential — Essays by The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus

Surely at least once in your life, you will have heard the word minimalism.
Many use it without even understanding the world that revolves around this concept, this idea of life.

The two authors enclose in simple pills the main concepts that revolve around minimalism and the reasons why it can be a new way of approaching the world.
Some thoughts and ways will seem limiting to you, some impossible but page after page you find yourself with a new way of approaching things, of really understanding what surrounds us and how we are influenced by everything and everyone.

Minimalism isn’t depriving yourself of everything, but understanding what we have.



Chronicles of the Emerged World

Licia Troisi

Personally, I’m not a great lover of the fantasy genre, but I devoured this trilogy in no time.
The plot is immediately shown to the reader but intensifies page after page.

The language used is quite sophisticated, with nuances of past terms that make the flow of the plot more engaging.
The characters advance and mature step by step until they arrive at a complete investigation into their soul.

Here it isn’t about the usual fearless heroes, but people with flaws and obsessions, ready to undertake something that goes beyond their lives.



The Art of Deception — Controlling the Human Element of Security

Kevin D. Mitnick

Mitnick is considered to be one of the most famous hackers in the world. In this case, the heart of the book is not Mitnick’s story but his strength: social engineering.

You will realize that the weak link of any structure, IT or otherwise, is the human being.

The concept of trust comes into play, that of knowing a person in-depth, of digging into his mind, of understanding his fears and his ways of doing things to radiate all the security systems and achieve a goal. You will understand that trust is a double-edged sword and not just an asset.

Social engineering is a very powerful medium, but only those who manage to master it are capable of great things.




George Orwell

It is interesting to understand how a past book can totally reflect daily life in our time.

More than a story, 1984 is a world to be understood. Total control of people is achieved, a world where there are no free thoughts but only and only the good of the nation. Every corner, room, house, the street is constantly controlled by the eye of Big Brother that no one can rebel against.

This vision, this restriction, can come close to today’s concept where everything is connected. Most of the devices, from the simplest to the most complex, are connected and linked to the Internet. We are constantly in the spotlight wherever we go and yet we continue to feel free.

That there is only one entity controlling all our data for many may seem utopian, but are we really sure?



Elon Musk — Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Ashlee Vance

We all know Musk but few have had the opportunity to know its history. Once you get inside Musk’s mind, from childhood to SpaceX projects; the futuristic vision of a man who has never stopped.

Musk has done something that no one has ever dared in the prestigious Silicon Valley: think about the future and not the present. This’s its strong point and it is what is shown in the book.

Always pursue your ideas, however crazy they may seem.



Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

J. K. Rowling

It’s considered reading for children, and it’s true, but if it is reread through the eyes of an adult, one realizes how complex and emotional the world of Harry Potter is.
We go beyond magic, we go beyond a “simple” plot, and the engines of passions, of entanglements, of being itself come into play.

Rowling creates a completely new world made up of characters who share our own emotions, a pure and at the same time magical reading.

You’re a reader, Harry!




Any reading

There’s an infinite number of books that talk about blockchain, a word that everyone knows but nobody knows what it is.
Indeed many tend to work alongside Bitcoin with blockchain, which is true but the blockchain is much more than that.

The blockchain tends to be used more and more and this is a good reason to understand its functioning and have a vision of a not-far future where the concept of intermediary will disappear.

In my case, I would recommend finding some books that create a mixture of how this whole process works and at the same time not get lost in too many technicalities.