Last updated on Nov 25 - 2023
All in one place

We are always in constant change and for this reason, the most ideal solution is to simply concentrate all the information in one place and accessible to anyone.

This page tries to enclose all those projects, social networks, thoughts, and ideas that can represent a part of me on the internet. ❤️




These represent a part of the projects to which I dedicate myself in my free time and which I want to share with this sea of the internet. If you want to take a look at other projects, you can find the list here.

  • Blog
    Set of articles whose purpose is to deepen various topics and services, it represents my main means of communication. There are no specific categories, but I tend to build a discourse on elements and events that interest me and a significant portion of the online audience.

  • GitHub
    It was the first service for remote management of various projects. Today, there are many other similar services, many with a completely open-source philosophy. I love GitHub and its integrations.

  • Music library
    Music is a part of me, which is why I love curating this music library with some of the albums and songs I love.

  • Newsletter
    Another newsletter? Yes, but only the essentials that I want to share with no deadline. If you want you can take a look at the past newsletter.

  • RSS
    Set of RSS feeds to receive updates on the latest blogs and weekly posts and toots about Mastodon.

  • Uses
    This page encompasses a collection of objects, software, services, and many other elements that are an integral part of my life.

  • Weekly log
    Unlike blog posts, weekly logs are weekly updates on events, information, new music tracks, personal opinions, and more that I feel like sharing here with you.

    They are short, simple, and sometimes even include useful tips.




Over the years I’ve been trying to move towards open source and free software ideals communication methods.

Obviously, such a thing isn’t simple and then you always have to give the possibility to anyone to be able to interact with you most simply and immediately.

  • Apple Music
    I listen to music every day; for me, it represents the highest form of expression. There’re no flags, there’re no nations, just poetry among musical instruments.

    I still have my Hercules MK2 from when I was a kid and my CDJ-400, with which I’ve had many adventures and emotions.

  • Email
    The simplest and most widely used form of communication. Ideal for information exchanges that do not involve confidential data. For private communications, you can use my public PGP key.

  • Mastodon
    Many see Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter, but it’s not. Mastodon is decidedly better than Twitter, both for its philosophy and the communities it hosts. Since March 2022, I’ve definitively abandoned the blue tweeting after joining in 2011 to follow Tim Bergling.

    Mastodon is my new digital home, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

  • PGP Key
    There’s not much to say; take the key, encrypt the entire message, and send it to me using any communication channel.

  • Steam
    A user for more than 10 years, Steam rekindled my passion for the world of video games with an immense catalog of games and genres that I would never have discovered. I don’t use it as regularly as in the past, but I’m always happy to relax and enjoy a new video game.

    If I had to choose a representative video game, well, I’d say Undertale.

  • Telegram
    For now, it represents my primary means of communication, where, over time, friends and people important to me have started using it.

    This doesn’t mean it’s the only service I use; iMessage and Signal are part of this group, and I can’t wait for them to allow communication exchanges using usernames instead of having to give out your phone number.